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Can I stay and watch my son skate?
Yes, anyone can observe the skating or listen to the Bible Talk.

Can my 5th grade nephew, who is from out of town, attend the Junior High session tonight with my Junior High age son?
He can come and watch, but he cannot skate because he is not in Junior High.

Do you have to wear a helmet to skate?
Those 11 and younger (Peewees) must wear a helmet. Those 12 and older are encouraged to wear a helmet. Loaner helmets are available. Those who choose not to wear a helmet do so at their own risk. Potential injuries include permanent disability or even death.

Are there helmets you can borrow?

We're visiting from out of town. Do we have to fill out the registration form just for one night?

If my son gets there an hour late can he skate?
As long as he arrives before the Bible Talk starts (about 7:30pm) he will be able to skate.

I can't be back to pick up my 3rd-grade son until one hour after the session is over. Is that okay?
No, the staff leaves right after a session is over.

Does my son have to attend the 5:00pm Bible Study to skate at the 6:30pm skate session?

My daughter graduated from 8th grade in June. Should she go to the Junior High or High School sessions this summer?
She must go to the Junior High session. Skaters must remain in their session through the summer until moving up when school starts.

If my son gets hurt during the session, what happens?
If Skatechurch Staff feels the injury is serious enough, he would be taken to the hospital you designate on the form. If it is an extremely serious injury, he would be taken to the nearest hospital. Skatechurch Staff will attempt to contact you but will not delay transport to a hospital if you are not contacted. Minor cut and scrapes are taken care of by Skatechurch Staff with on-site first-aid supplies.

Can my son use inline skates at a session?
Inline skates and scooters are permitted in Peewee only. Only skateboarding is permitted at Junior High, High School and Over-18. BMX riders are not permitted at any session.

Can I sign the registration form for my grandson? His parents are in Europe on an extended vacation.
No. His parents should download a form from our website, fill it out, scan it, and then email it to their son, along with a scanned photocopy of BOTH SIDES of the signing parent’s valid drivers license, so he can bring it to his first skate session.

Can I just sign the registration form and send it with my son?
Yes, but only if you have it notarized OR send a photocopy of BOTH SIDES of the signing parent's drivers license/ID card with your son.

All my son's friends are still in Junior High. Can he keep going to the Junior High sessions even though he just started High School classes?
No, he would have to go to High School sessions.

My son was held back a year in school. Does he have to go to the session for his age or can he go to the session with all his friends that are his grade?
The sessions are primarily based on grade in school, not age, so he would be able to go to the same session as his friends.

My son left his coat at Skatechurch last night. When can he pick it up?
It can be picked up anytime a skate session is in progress.  sessions schedule