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Skatechurch is more than a place to skate. We exist to tell skaters about God. If you come to skate you must attend the Bible Talk halfway through the session. If you are not willing to hear about God then Skatechurch is not for you.

too late / no sk8
If you show up after the Bible Talk you cannot skate that night. If you leave before the Bible talk, the next time you come you must attend the talk before you can skate.

no registration / no participation
In order to skate / ride you must register.

no protect / reject
Those 11 and younger (Peewees) must wear a helmet. Those 12 and older are encouraged to wear a helmet. Loaner helmets are available. Those who choose not to wear a helmet do so at their own risk. Potential injuries include permanent disability or even death.

talk / walk
No talking during the Bible Talk. If you're told to be quiet twice, you're gone for the night.

cuss / bus
Please don't use cuss words. If you are excessive in the use of profanity the staff will ask you to leave for the evening.

high / bye
No drugs, alcohol, etc. If you're high the staff will ask you to leave for the evening. Please don't smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco in the skate park.

roam / go home
Skating is only permitted in the warehouse and on the parking lot in front of the warehouse. Don't skate the bump by the church door or do wall rides.

upper lot / not
The upper parking lot, stairs, handrails, sidewalks and benches are off limits - no skating or hanging out up there. The lower lot is okay to skate but please don't do wall rides.

snake / take
No snaking other skaters. Be cool, have fun; let everyone have a run.

no adhere / clear
All skaters are to obey the rules and the skate staff, especially when asked to stop skating at talk time or closing. Adhere or you will be asked to clear.

no respect / reject
All skaters are to show courtesy and respect for all the staff at all times.

Obey the staff & the rules, respect the staff & church property, skate safe & have fun!!!